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Drop Arm Awnings

It is made up of Acrylic Fabrics with roller tube GI wire rope, fall bar and operated by a Gear Box. A drop arm awning works by pivoting in an arc – pivoting downwards to lower the awning and upwards to retract it away.

The arms hold the awning in place when it is fully extended, stretching the fabric over and out across the window. Drop Arm Awnings are Flexible. One benefit of drop arm awnings is that you have a lot of flexibility with them. That is, you can choose from a huge range of different sizes and styles. Drop arm awnings can be used on small windows through to windows that are 5 metres wide or even wider!

Drop Arm Awnings are Easy to Use

Drop arm awnings are also incredibly easy to use. If you choose to operate them manually, this is easily done using a conveniently located crank handle or winder. However, you can choose to motorise the awning so that it can be raised or lowered at the push of a button.

Drop Arm Awnings are Great for Ventilation

Drop arm awnings also give you a greater amount of air circulation in and around the home. This is because they leave quite a large amount of space between the awning itself and the window, allowing the air to freely circulate. You can easily ventilate your home without having to retract the awning, allowing you to naturally cool your home.

  • Drop Arm Awnings
  • Drop Arm Awnings
  • Drop Arm Awnings
  • Drop Arm Awnings
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